Product Details
Keep hinges clean from paint and stain contamination.

Quickey-Stickey was created primarily for the production painter as a tool to eliminate the constant and labor-intensive problem that has plagued builders, contractors, homeowners and cleaning personnel for decades.

Its unique combination of materials has been tested over different periods of time at a wide range of temperatures to prove its ability to be removed after work is completed. It was designed to perfectly cover the entire hinge and pin.

Each mask is constructed of a material that completely prevents all paints and stains from penetrating to the surface of the door hinge.

Registration lines are printed on the mask that align with the joints of the hinges. This allows you to quickly and easily apply the protective mask to the hinge, sealing it from any undesired paint or other materials.

* All Commercial 4.0" masks have adjustable edges with tear-off corners. This will allow you to use them for either round-edge hinges, or square-edge hinges.

Instructions for Easy Application:
1. Apply hinge masks to each hinge plate.
2. Apply pin mask to interior barrel, fold ends to cover pin.

U.S. Patent No. 6,555,169

Available in 2 convenient sizes:
Residential / Interior 3.5"
Commercial / Exterior 4.0"

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